World of Warcraft is a magnificent world which has a place for everyone. Once taking your path in this universe from launching the installer, you cannot imagine where it will end. We walked many roads: as simple players exploring new spaces, as creators and leaders of guilds with their own legends and achievements, as organizers of great raids leaving deep scores in the memories of participants.

But our hearts were appealing to another path which finally has been found. The whole variety of stories, events, powers and characters of Warcraft must be reflected into the real world – thus have been decided. Warcraft energy was embodied in matter through one of the most ancient and powerful ways – by turning into liquid metal.

We have stepped on this way enlightened by strong desire to reproduce jewels of ancient Vikings who are so close to creatures of Titans of Azeroth. Once the whole depth of these wares was realized the path has become clear and visible: by using certain approach and saturated moves we can interprete fates of the planets of Great Dark Beyond into our live.


We look forward to see you standing by our side embodying Warcraft Universe into the matter of our world (hopefully none of us won’t summon Burning Legion by occasion). We can promise you endless flow of new ideas anf unique character of every ware produces; though we cannot guarantee that wearing our jewels you won’t hear the call of Yogg-Saron.

Yours sincerely Khorth team.
Russia, Yaroslavl, Tolbuhina 8/75