Kirin Tor Mage Symbol
Kirin Tor Mage Symbol WoW Signet Ring inspired by World of Warcraft | Designer Bronze Jewelry
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Skull Signet Ring Kel’Thuzad inspired by World of Warcraft | Designer Bronze Jewelry
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Doomhammer Necklace inspired by World of Warcraft | Designer Bronze Horde Jewelry


The epic weapon Orgrim`s Doomhammer. Solid bronze necklace is reproducing powerful artefact crushing a rock. Every part of the hammer was made with high level of detailing. You can see leather cords made in bronze on the grip. A wolf is a symbol of Frostwolf Horde Clan it was placed when it came to Thrall, the Orgrim's protege. Keep the power of the Horde!

Our idea is to show unique and legendary weapon with the natural substance is being crushed. The necklace is a symbol of power and rising of the Horde. You can be sure, 80% of Horde`s luck is going from this weapon and this symbol. If no Doomhammer, then no Horde. A lot of Alliance soldiers are getting fear and run away from the Doomhammer's aura.

Unique jewelry item made in our little manufactory is polished by hands and produced with love. It is being complected with a perfect spanish leather cord so you don't need to find any other.


Weight: approx. 0.95 oz (27 grams)

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Weight 24.5 g
Dimensions 30 × 37 × 6 mm



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