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Horde Pendant WoW


This crest is showing honor and pride for your faction!

You can buy this pendant for yourself to show a little bit of the proud gamer inside, or make this a great gift for any gamer friend. Or both!

The Banner of the Horde is a faction crest that includes a number of symbolic elements representing the various races of the Horde:
Orcs – heraldric symbols
Tauren – horns, hanging cloth and feathers
Forsaken – bones
Trolls – face masks

In the Horde, action and strength are valued above diplomacy, and its leaders earn respect by blade, wasting no time with politics. The brutality of the Horde’s champions is focused, giving a voice who fight for survival.



Size: 1.49″ inches (38 mm) by 1.77″ inch (45 mm) by 0.23″ inch (6 mm) .
Weight: approx. 21.8 grams

NOTE: These are handmade items and some details such as size and shape may vary and look different than on the picture.


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Weight 21.8 g
Dimensions 38 × 45 × 6 mm