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Naaru WoW Necklace Pendant inspired by World of Warcraft | Designer Bronze Jewelry
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Mannoroth Armor Necklace Pendant inspired by World of Warcraft |Designer Bronze Horde Jewelry


Annihilan are the pit lords, a massive and powerful species of demons recruited to serve the Legion by none other than Kil'jaeden himself. They were already a powerful part of the Legion when the War of the Ancients unfolded – Mannoroth himself was one of the Legion's elite who came through the portal to help make clear the way for Sargeras. And Mannoroth was for eons first among the pit lords – the acknowledged master of his kind, the most powerful of them all. He ruled the Annihilan on behalf of the Legion.

Orcs were presented with a cauldron filled with the reeking, oozing, fel-corrupted blood of the pit lord, and upon drinking it they were infused with the blood lust of the Annihilan, transformed into a green skinned race of blood-crazed murderers, an army of berserkers and destroyers.

But for You there is no need to drink demon’s blood to feel the same, you just need to wear this awesome necklace! Looks perfect and feels heavy on your neck.

Size: 1.21″ inches (30 mm) by 1.46″ inch (37 mm) by 0.24″ inch (6mm)
Weight: approx. 24.5 grams

NOTE: These are handmade items and some details such as size and shape may vary and look different than on the picture.

Shipping worldwide from Ukraine: 2-3 weeks for delivery to USA, Canada and Australia, and about 10-14 days to most European countries.


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Weight 24.5 g
Dimensions 30 × 37 × 6 mm



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